Caruth Family | Alexandria, Virginia Family Photographer

Wow, am I slacking or what?! I met up with so many great families over the last few months and I haven’t had a chance to blog any of them yet! Bear with me as I try to get all of these wonderful families up on the blog, please!  I just HAD to share a few pictures from my shoot with the Caruth family a couple months ago- I met them when my business was just starting and their oldest was only a couple months old!  Now their oldest (my birthday buddy!) is a great big sister and has an awesome little sister that likes to keep everyone on their toes! 😉  We met up at Jones Point Park, one of my favorite places for a family session.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day…




Karen - November 18, 2014 - 8:15 pm

Stephanie, you did an amazing job! We are so happy with the pictures. Given the events of the day, we weren’t sure we could get ANY pictures and yet you gave us nearly 100 that we love! Thank you so much!

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Highway to Hill Floral Class | Personal

I love new hobbies, so much so, that I barely have time to keep up with the lists of classes, ideas, projects, and adventures that I want to start.  Yes, that’s right- the lists of them.  Starting a list of the ideas I have for my house (obviously watching hours of HGTV at a time turns me into a professional interior designer/house flipper), or the new small businesses I tell myself I may have time to work on (for about a week), or the new hobbies or languages I plan to learn in classes (I’m sorry, but when is there time for all of that?).  So these ideas make it onto lists, and sadly, the lists usually are replaced by another list, and another.  One think that had made it onto my list a long time ago was floral arranging. I LOVE flowers. Seriously- I walk in my house and see fresh flowers, and take a nice happy deep breath (even if the rest of the house might be a disaster).  I was so so happy when my VERY talented friend, Jo, the owner of Highway to Hill Flowers, decided to host flowers- you see, I had been admiring her work for months and months.  I KNEW I wanted to learn from her, but I was afraid the bullet on my list would disappear into a pile of lists, just like all of the other bullets.  But this time- no way!  I was going for it!!  Amid a crazy weekend of multiple shoots in locations that took me back and forth across Virginia and Maryland,  I knew I had to find a few spare hours to fit this in, and BOY was it SO WORTH IT!

Jo spent a few hours giving us the rundown about flowers, specifically which ones we’d be using that day, how to care for flowers, and answering all of our questions. I learned SO much from her, and I’d take this class again and again!  The intimate class gave us more one on one time with Jo, and she came around to help all of us with our arrangements and answer questions.  I was so sad when the class ended, I just wanted to keep on making more and more gorgeous pieces!!   If you’re interested, you MUST check out her website and see when her next classes are- I would definitely take this one again! 😉  Here are a few pics from the class…

Jo made sure to get some gorgeous varieties of flowers to start with…


Our stations each started with the below items.  This is when I got a little nervous- how the heck was I going to turn this empty container into something beautiful?!highway2hillfloralclass

Jo also brought in some fruit to include- how different and awesome!highway2hillfloralclass

Ok, greenery collected…NOW what do I do?!highway2hillfloralclass

Ummm, this was about the time that I was thinking that I might not have the talent for this job.  Jo assured me that it would transform quickly.highway2hillfloralclasshighway2hillfloralclasshighway2hillfloralclass

SERIOUSLY! How did this even happen?!highway2hillfloralclass

Ok, this is about the time when I’m going to show you HOW AWESOME THIS LOOKS!  I was really really proud of myself (if you couldn’t tell…).highway2hillfloralclass

Like, REALLY proud.highway2hillfloralclass

Ok, still proud.highway2hillfloralclass

What was so cool about this was every student had a different arrangement in the end!  All of them were beautiful!highway2hillfloralclass

Ok, and one last one (just in case you forgot how awesome it looked) 😉highway2hillfloralclass

What are you waiting for?! You need to go check out Highway to Hill Flowers ASAP! You won’t be disappointed!  I can’t wait to start working on my own beautiful arrangements for my home. Thank you, Jo!!

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Amanda & Justin are Married! | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

You may remember Amanda and Justin from their engagement session a few months ago! This sweet couple’s wedding day started as a dreary and rainy Saturday morning, and it was almost as if Mother Nature knew that this day was years and years in the making, because the rain stopped just in time for this couple to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Dumbarton House in Georgetown.  I’ve admired this venue for so long, and I am so happy I finally had the opportunity to photograph a wedding here, especially a wedding including some amazing people that I’ve known for years.  As you may remember from their engagement session, Amanda and Justin met at the University of Mary Washington, and were both very talented basketball players (Let’s Go Eagles!)– it was fitting that on their wedding day they were surrounded and supported by those who witnessed their relationship grow over the years…fellow teammates, coaches, and family and friends who I recognized as those who spent countless hours during the basketball season cheering them on from the stands.  I’m not going to lie,  I may have been waiting for someone in the wedding party to get a basketball out so they could play a pick-up game, but instead, they did their fair share of tearing up the dance floor!

I had so much fun seeing old friends and it was such a great day to celebrate!  Amanda’s laugh was infectious, and Justin could not keep his eyes off of his bride.  Amanda and Justin, thank you so much for letting me be there to document your beautiful and memorable day!


Amanda’s friends seeing her for the first time in her dress…dumbartonhousedcwedding_098dumbartonhousedcwedding_099

Amanda, seriously?! Gorgeous!

These girls always have something to laugh and joke about! dumbartonhousedcwedding_104dumbartonhousedcwedding_105dumbartonhousedcwedding_152dumbartonhousedcwedding_106dumbartonhousedcwedding_107dumbartonhousedcwedding_153dumbartonhousedcwedding_108dumbartonhousedcwedding_151dumbartonhousedcwedding_109dumbartonhousedcwedding_110dumbartonhousedcwedding_111dumbartonhousedcwedding_112dumbartonhousedcwedding_113dumbartonhousedcwedding_114dumbartonhousedcwedding_115



Ok, I HAVE to include a kids shot- these always turn out to be my faves! dumbartonhousedcwedding_123dumbartonhousedcwedding_124dumbartonhousedcwedding_128dumbartonhousedcwedding_125dumbartonhousedcwedding_126dumbartonhousedcwedding_127dumbartonhousedcwedding_129dumbartonhousedcwedding_130dumbartonhousedcwedding_131dumbartonhousedcwedding_132dumbartonhousedcwedding_133dumbartonhousedcwedding_134dumbartonhousedcwedding_135dumbartonhousedcwedding_136dumbartonhousedcwedding_137dumbartonhousedcwedding_138dumbartonhousedcwedding_139dumbartonhousedcwedding_140Justin requested to pick his bride up….so cute!dumbartonhousedcwedding_141dumbartonhousedcwedding_142dumbartonhousedcwedding_154dumbartonhousedcwedding_143dumbartonhousedcwedding_144dumbartonhousedcwedding_145dumbartonhousedcwedding_148dumbartonhousedcwedding_147dumbartonhousedcwedding_149dumbartonhousedcwedding_150dumbartonhousedcwedding_155dumbartonhousedcwedding_156dumbartonhousedcwedding_157dumbartonhousedcwedding_162dumbartonhousedcwedding_158dumbartonhousedcwedding_159dumbartonhousedcwedding_160

UMW Eagles!dumbartonhousedcwedding_161dumbartonhousedcwedding_163

What a night!  Congratulations, Amanda and Justin!



Venue | Dumbarton House

DJ | DJ Chris Styles 

Flowers | Wegmans

Wedding Dress Designer  | Kelly Faetanini
Catering |  R&R Catering
Hair & Makeup |  Mariah Jones, cousin of the bride

Chris - October 29, 2014 - 3:19 pm

These photos are absolutely stunning!!!

Jennifer - November 7, 2014 - 8:36 pm

This wedding is stunning, Steph! Amazing job!!

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Kaitlin & Mark are Getting Married! | Northern Virginia Engagement Photographer


Kaitlin told me to hang on a second as she disappeared into the booth behind home plate- a couple minutes later, she yelled down, “Is it working yet?!”  I turned around to see the scoreboard lit up with “11 8 14,”  the day Kaitlin and Mark will be tying the knot!  I LOVED that Katilin wanted to start off their pictures at the softball field where she coaches.  Right across the field was Mark’s territory as the baseball coach.  You all know that I’m a baseball nerd, so the fact that I had the chance to sneak onto a diamond for some pictures, with the scoreboard lit up behind us, just made me giddy.  It didn’t help that these two are SO fun to be around, when they weren’t sneaking kisses, these two were making eachother laugh constantly.  Their laughter and happiness was absolutely contagious!  I can’t wait to document their day next month, as I know it’ll be so much fun!!




Obviously, the shoot would not be complete without a little game of catch. aldieengagementaldieengagement

We may have tried a “serious” picture, but the results were so much better…lots of laughter and total cheesin’ 😉aldieengagementaldieengagement

Who can make the other laugh first? Annnnnd go….aldieengagementaldieengagementaldieengagement

We then headed over to a nearby park for a quick picnic and game, but the weather definitely did not want to cooperate! Only a couple minutes in, big fat raindrops began falling from the sky!  We grabbed a few pics, and ran to the car as the rain really started downpouring!  I’m so happy we were able to capture a few more shots from the evening, though!aldieengagementaldieengagementaldieengagementaldieengagement






Johann Hadian - October 14, 2014 - 5:33 pm

Congratulations, Kaitlin and Mark! I’m so happy for you and wish you decades of happiness together :-)

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Lauren & Eric are Married! | South New Jersey Wedding Photographer

You might remember Lauren and Eric from their engagement session a couple months ago in the same town that they declared their love for one another just a few weeks ago.  The morning started off perfectly– beautiful cool weather, but as the day continued on, the clouds opened up and it rained and rained.  As I arrived at Lauren’s family’s home, I was greeted with beautiful decorations, and behind the door- enthusiastic family and friends that were so intent on making the day perfect and absolutely remarkable for Lauren.  Bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids happily showed me around the house, and everyone scuttled around excitedly, not even giving the weather a second thought.  The rain didn’t matter, the day was going to be perfect.

Lauren and Eric have grown alongside each other for many years now, and neither of them showed even a hint of nervousness as they got ready and put together the final touches.  What was there to be nervous about?  Absolutely nothing.  They knew long ago that they’d one day walk down the aisle together as husband and wife, and it just so happened that this day was that day.   Here are a few of my faves from their wedding day….





A quick kiss for mom before heading down to see her soon-to-be groom….

2014-10-08_010And the final touches for Eric before seeing his soon-to-be bride….


Since she was a little girl, Lauren had always dreamt of one day walking down the stairs of her family’s home to see her groom…


I love that her dream came true, and she was able to see this happy guy as she walked down.2014-10-08_0122014-10-08_013At this point, the rain was pouring down, so we decided to grab some portraits inside her family’s home as everyone looked on oohing and aahing.:)2014-10-08_0152014-10-08_0162014-10-08_0172014-10-08_0182014-10-08_019

Before leaving for the ceremony, Lauren received many hugs for support.



The crew was awesome and braved the downpours so we could grab some shots!  You can actually see the rain pouring down!  I was lucky enough to have two really awesome limo drivers follow me around with an umbrella for a few shots (thanks, guys!!). 2014-10-08_024

It just so happened that this building provided the perfect light! 2014-10-08_0252014-10-08_0262014-10-08_0272014-10-08_0282014-10-08_0292014-10-08_0302014-10-08_0372014-10-08_0312014-10-08_032

LOVE these two below….


Gah, Lauren you are STUNNING!2014-10-08_0422014-10-08_0432014-10-08_045

We then headed over to the Tavistock Country Club for a few more shots before the reception! We got lucky and had a few minutes of gorgeous cloudy weather before it started to rain again!


…and you seriously cannot go wrong with a few umbrella shots! 😉2014-10-08_0522014-10-08_053

After that, it was definitely time to party!2014-10-08_0542014-10-08_0442014-10-08_0552014-10-08_0562014-10-08_0572014-10-08_0582014-10-08_0592014-10-08_0602014-10-08_0612014-10-08_0622014-10-08_063

 Lauren and Eric, thank you for letting us be part of your beautiful day- it was such a privilege to celebrate with you both!! Also, I cannot forget a huge shout-out to Jaeson for coming along and being my awesome second shooter that day!  I couldn’t have done it without you!:)


Band | LOVE
Dress | Enzoani from Irma’s Bridal
Hair & make up | Kristen Humphries DiLella
Jewelry | Nadri  from Nordstrom
Shoes |  Betsey Johnson
Church | First Presbyterian Church, Haddonfield, NJ
Reception | Tavistock Country Club
Kimonos | JustCottons
Evening clutch |  jemdesign567
Transportation| Bob Harris at First Class Luxury Limousines
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