A Tropical Getaway | Southwest Florida Photographer

This past weekend, Jaeson and I packed our bags to head down to Florida to visit our families!  It was so nice to get away, even if it was only for a few days.  We picked the perfect time to go, as storms were heading our way (even if Juno ended up being a blizzard fail…).  The weather in Florida was PERFECT for me- high 60s/low 70s and I was geared up to use my new camera on the beach!  I left the digital camera packed away, and was only armed with my iPhone and new film camera.  It was SO nice to do something different and let go of the digital crutch (not including my iPhone, obviously), just for a weekend.  While I have to wait patiently for those film scans to arrive, I figured I’d share some of my iPhone pics from the trip!  Ok, so not the best quality, but don’t judge- this iPhone isn’t all that bad!

I absolutely love Sanibel Island- we made it there a bit too late to find all of the beautiful shells that the area is known for,  but we still were able to add a few pretty ones to the collection!

angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0131angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0132Did I mention it was WINDY!?  My mom grabbed this shot on her iPhone of me on the Ft. Myers beach pier right as my hair tie was flying off of the end of my braid!  I was also trying to avoid a Marilyn Monroe scenario here…must.hold.down.dress.  Also, whose bright idea was it to wear a dress to the beach on a very windy day? sigh. 😉angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0137When we weren’t walking on the beach, we were relaxing, reading, golfing, running, and all catching up!  Family time is so invaluable, and Jaeson and I were so happy we were able to spend time with our families!  How awesome!


The night before the Scotts left, we drove down to Naples for the sunset- ugh, so pretty!  I don’t know, the Outer Banks may have some competition.  I spent most of the time at Naples shooting film, so a few iPhone pictures that don’t do it justice will just have to do for now!  Thanks mom for catching me in action!!

angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0133angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0134angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0136Til next time Florida…ok, so when can we come back?  I’m ready to book my trip NOW!:)

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Hechinger Family | Maryland Family Photographer

A fellow photographer and friend, Scott Hechinger, reached out to me several months ago for family portraits- as a photographer, Scott has a ton of pictures of his amazing little daughter and wife, but very rarely are there pictures of the THREE of them.  I feel like every photographer struggles with this, as we’re more comfortable behind a camera taking pictures of others, than being in front of it!  We never want to miss out on memories, so our cameras continue to click furiously, but there’s no memory of US being IN the moment.  I am SO happy that Scott asked me to grab some shots of him and his family at Quiet Waters Park, outside of Annapolis, MD.  It’s a place that they go to frequently to spend time together, and it just made so much sense to capture their family there!  Here are a few of my faves from the shoot!




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Sunshine and Palmtrees | California on Film Part I

It’s been cold here, very very cold, and as two snowstorms make their way over to Virginia, I’m packing my bags to head south for a few days!  Warm weather and palm trees are what I’m searching for, and it made me think back to the one of the last times I spent time relaxing under a palm tree- California, of course!  I cannot believe I haven’t blogged these yet, but I wanted to share a few photos from our trip on film!  This was Jaeson’s FIRST time traveling to California, and he was just BLOWN away- I mean, how could he have NOT been?! Anyway, we are just itching to plan another trip out to the west coast (hopefully with our travel buddies- Jen, Chris & Landon!), but for now, looking at these pictures longingly will just have to do!  Enjoy a few pictures from our trips to Santa Barbara and Montecito, and I promise to share more soon!




While we may have only had time to stop for a few minutes in Montecito, it was soooooo worth it…


I promise I won’t hold out on the rest of these photos and I’ll share more soon!  Hopefully these brought a little bit of sunshine and warmth to your day!

Jennifer - January 22, 2015 - 11:50 pm

Let’s go back as soon as you come home from FL. 😉 We can’t wait to plan another trip with you two!

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2015 Business Resolutions


I told myself that this year I’d be more open about sharing my goals, both personally and for my business.  Well, here I am, and I’m sharing these with you so that you can keep me accountable!  C’mon, bring it! I’m so excited to see what this year holds and I’m so ready to improve my business, as well as the experience for my clients!

1.  Don’t be afraid to share more.  

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you may have noticed that I very rarely share personal posts.  It’s not because I don’t have anything good going on outside of the business, in fact, it’s the complete opposite of that.  There is always plenty to share, but I always have a hard time putting my thoughts into words.  I want to be better at that, and I want to share more with you all!

2.  Stay Organized and be efficient with my time.

My time is precious, and it’s so important to me to use it efficiently.  One of my goals is to reexamine my workflow, to make sure I’m completing tasks to the best of my ability and offering the best experience for my amazing clients!

3.  Book a wedding somewhere new- like the beach!

I would absolutely love to shoot a destination wedding!  One of my favorite places is the Outer Banks and it would be a dream to shoot a wedding there!  Every time I’m down there, I daydream of what it would be like to shoot a wedding there at all of the area’s wonderful locations!  Another dream destination is Charleston, South Carolina- one of my favorite places EVER! 😉  Ah, how gorgeous would that be?!

4.  Blogging consistently.

This goes along with staying organized and being efficient with my time.  If I’m efficient, I’ll have more time to blog and share more of my favorite images and experiences with you all! My goal is to blog twice a week- likely on Mondays and Thursdays.  It’s a little scary posting this goal, as you all now can hold me accountable! 😉

5.  Work on improving my business and marketing.

This is kind of a loaded resolution, but it’s so important!  Six years into my business, and I’m ready to give it a bit of a boost!  I attended the Creative at Heart Conference last week (more on that later!), and I learned so many tips on how to improve business rankings via SEO, social media, and blogging.  I’m so excited to implement what I learned this year!


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Holly & Aaron are Getting Married! | A Wintry Washington, DC Engagement | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

It was such a pleasure to finally meet Holly and Aaron who will be tying the knot in Baltimore in March!  Holly and Aaron drove into town all the way from Chicago, and it just so happened that they picked a very Chicago-esque day to get their photos taken!  It was cold, like really, really, REALLY cold.  I’m actually pretty sure my fingers were frozen about five minutes into the shoot, all while these two laughed and joked around- it was if they hardly even noticed the bitter cold!  Even when it started to steadily rain (very very cold rain- ahhh!), they had smiles on their faces.  They were having fun together, and that’s all that mattered.  Oh, and I’m sure being used to the Chicago cold may have helped a bit too! 😉  I absolutely can’t wait to shoot their wedding in March, but for now, here are a few of my faves from their shoot…


A Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National MonumentsA Wintry DC Engagement at the National Monuments

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