Snowy Portraits | Washington, DC Film Photographer

Ah! I’m SO excited to share these! I eagerly awaited for these snowy shoot film scans, and they arrived as it snowing like crazy outside! Perfect timing.  It was my very first shoot involving an actual subject with Penny the Pentax, and I was nervous to use it because it was FREEZING out and it was snowing A LOT!  Gillian was such a trooper and threw on a super cute J.crew flannel and necklace, as well as her fur trimmed coat and we ran outside for a couple of rolls of film. What you DON’T see in these pictures is the adorable/crazy Ellie the German Shepherd running around us in circles! 😉

Getting these scans back made me SO happy and so excited to bring Penny the Pentax to more shoots!  Dang, she works well!  Seriously. LOVE. LOOOOVE.

A HUGE thank you to Gillian for rocking it out even though your hands and nose were numb from the cold! You did AWESOME!! 😉




Maria - March 9, 2015 - 11:50 am

Wow, I can’t believe this was your first time shooting with a Pentax, because they look amazing! Great job!

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Community over Competition


This morning I woke up to a snowy scene outside my window.  It was such a relief knowing that I could stay home, kick the cold that I’ve had this past week, and work on my business.  To do lists were already formulating in my head- file receipts, get together my taxes, blog, answer emails, return phone calls, plan for the first wedding of the season, update my website, and the list went on and on.  I knew I should treat this day as a sick day instead of bogging myself down with more work, but the thought of being so behind on my business tasks was daunting.  I picked up my phone to catch up, and I’m so glad I did- #communityovercompetition was popping up on my Instagram feed.  The incredibly sweet and talented Natalie Franke blogged about the danger of comparing yourself to others in this business.  It gets you nowhere.  In fact, it takes you many steps back.

I’ve been there so many times before.  As a small business owner that also works full-time, it is so hard NOT to get down on myself when I see what other amazing creatives have done with their hard work and time, while I’m working at my other job.   I feel like I am always behind the curve and always playing catch up.  Jaeson constantly reminds me on days when I’m feeling down about not booking as many sessions, that I’m doing the best that I can.  I’m working the hardest I can, and it’s not fair to compare myself to other photographers.  Why compare myself to others when I can be learning from them and creating relationships with these people who may be going through the very same thing.  Just because they’re not blogging about not booking a session or not nailing a shoot, doesn’t mean that they’re not going through it or sometimes have bad days too.  It’s so easy to lose sight of who you are and what your business is about.  I love this community, and I love the fact that most photographers have no problems sharing their secrets and helping others out. I LOVE that.  I think it’s what brings value to our trade and what helps us get the job done and love what we’re doing.  A few years ago when I attended a conference hosted by Jasmine Star, she noted that together, this community could do something GREAT.  Tearing each other down, competing, and comparing ourselves to others would hurt each and every single one of our businesses and our value in the end.  Together, we can do some great things.

“Her success is not my failure. Her prosperity does not make me inferior. And I choose to cheer her on because community rises above competition.” –Natalie Franke

I posted the picture above because this is one of my FAVORITE quotes from Kate Spade…

She is quick

and curious

and playful


This is my motto.  This should be the motto for all women small business owners, and if it’s not, and you know someone who doesn’t feel that way about themselves- you should let them know that they are strong.  They built that business for a reason, and they are good enough.  SHE is strong.   I have this notebook for a reason, and I have the notecard saying the same thing in my office.  I have it there for a reason.  On days when I’m feeling down about my business because so and so is doing so much more than me, or so and so has so many more followers,  I look over and remind myself that I am who I want to be.  I work hard and I am strong.

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Waiting for Spring | Washington, DC Film Photographer

18 more days.  I’m SO ready for Spring!  After some snow and a lot of ice all in one week, it’s time to bid adeiu to Winter, and say “hey there!” to Spring!  Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, so when they’re oh-so-close, I can’t help but start feeling antsy.  Living so close to DC, I’m so lucky to be able to witness the beautiful blooming of the cherry blossoms each Spring.  Every year I try to plan a few shoots while they’re blooming, and when I’m not working, I try to get down there for sightseeing and photos!  Last year, we went several times while they were in the process of blooming from soft white blooms to bright pink petals.  SO beautiful! I normally have my digital camera with me when I’m down at the tidal basin, but for my last trip during peak bloom last year, I brought along my 35mm film camera!  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these blooms IN PERSON in just a few weeks!



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Florida in Film | Southwestern Florida Photography

I’ve already posted a few sneak peeks from my time in Florida, but I just had to share the film I got back with you all!  I was so excited to mail in my first rolls from Penny the Pentax, and I love the results!! Jaeson and I had so much fun spending time with our families down there, and I’m so happy we have some pictures to remember the trip.  Here are a few of my favorites, including shots from Naples and Ft. Myers.  I wish I was back there enjoying the warmth!!

angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0177angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0178angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0179angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0180angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0181angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0182angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0183angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0184angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0185angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0186angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0187Our awesome hosts!angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0188angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0189angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0190angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0191angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0192angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0193angelina_photography_northern_virginia_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0194

cara - July 23, 2015 - 3:12 pm

LOVE that shot of mom and dad! How had I not seen this earlier?

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How Lucky I Am

This weekend was one of the many many times I realized how lucky I am.  Jaeson and I drove up to snowy PA to visit family and go snowboarding.  For Christmas, Jaeson surprised me with a brand new pink snowboard (Breast Cancer awareness design, on top of it!) and all the gear to go with it-  he told me it was not only an investment for upcoming trips, but trips in the future when we had a family.  So thoughtful!  I was excited to try out my gear, but even more nervous!  I mean, if I have my very own gear, people are going to think I’m good, when I KNOW I’m not.


The weekend started out perfectly, and we made it up to the mountain as snow was powdering the ground.  We geared up, and that’s when my brain totally got to me.  My pants were too tight, I couldn’t get up off the ground, my goggles were fogged up, I was NEVER making it off the bunny slope, I’m pretty sure there was already snow down my pants, and also,  a 2 year old just did a 360 on her snowboard right next to me (ok, maybe that last part didn’t happen).  I was pretty down on myself, and Jaeson, who had been dying to go snowboarding for so long, was stuck coaching me on the bunny slope.  I felt terrible– I was holding him back from having fun, or so I thought.  He never once complained.  When I complained about my pants being too tight and not being able to move, he offered to go to the shop and buy me new pants.  When I told him to go on the other slopes and forget about me, and apologized for the thousandth time, he insisted that he was having fun with me.  He sat down next to me on the top of the bunny slope, as I sat there in defeat, and told me that he was happy.  He was having fun as long as he was there with me.  He was NOT going to leave me behind and he was NOT going to let me give up.


We finally made it off the bunny slope that night, and I graduated to the big girl slopes (after a few face plants off of the lift…ugh), and yes, I got a lot more snow down my pants, and my foggy goggles made it nearly impossible for me to see, BUT I was having fun.  We ended the night on such a great note (i.e. me NOT falling down the slopes…as much!).  I am so grateful that I have a husband that won’t give up on me when I’m being a whiny brat and when I’m just plain ol’ defeated.  Even when I didn’t believe in myself, he did, and I am so appreciative of that.

It was such a nice reminder of how lucky I really am.

And because I’m currently freezing as I’m typing this, here’s a picture from our warm Florida trip…


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