Lisa & Tom are Getting Married! | Tregaron Conservancy | Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

Lisa & Tom were the #angelinaphotogiveaway winners this winter, and I was so excited to meet them as soon as they won!  Lisa posted her sweet engagement story on Instagram, detailing New Years Eve when she thought she’d be spending the night solo because Tom was at work.  At 11pm, Lisa got the surprise of her life- she was told Tom had gotten off work just in time to celebrate the New Year.  She ran outside to see him down on one knee just waiting to propose to her!  After six years of dating, these two are going to make it official in April 2016 in gorgeous St. Michaels, Maryland.

We met up on a gorgeous afternoon and walked around the Tregaron Conservancy in Washington, DC.  Lisa & Tom brought their sweet puppy, Finley, for their pictures.  Seriously, what an adorable puppy- I tried to figure out a way to sneak her out of there and bring her home without them noticing, but was not successful- boo!! Check out a few of my favorites from this sweet couple’s post…


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Holly & Aaron are Married! | Baltimore Aquarium | Baltimore, Maryland Wedding Photographer

The 2015 wedding season started off just right at the Baltimore Inner Harbor!  I was lucky enough to spend the day celebrating with Holly and Aaron, along with my photo buddy Sharron who helped out for the day!  Holly and Aaron are so sweet and so full of life, and their day, regardless of the rain, was just perfect.  The day was years in the making, and rain wasn’t going to get in the way of the celebrations- not one bit!  When you ask Holly and Aaron how they met they’ll give you a couple different stories…who knows, it may have been a chili contest way before they actually got to know each other when Holly was manning a chili station that Aaron visited or they could’ve met for the first time at a mutual friends’ party.  I’d like to think that chili brought these two together, because chili happens to be one of my fave dishes,  so I’m going with the first of the accounts!

I just loved how many personalized details went into their wedding day, including the Octopus invitations, shawls, and ties designed by their dear friend, Abby.  It certainly matched perfectly with their Aquarium wedding!  Additionally, Holly’s mom labored over all of the flowers- wow, so talented!  Holly’s stunning tulle gown was ah-mazing!  Seriously.  Paired with her gorgeous red jeweled shoes- perfection! Here are a few of my faves from the day…

Holly was such a trooper when we stepped outside and realized it was raining for her portraits.  I really believe everything happens for a reason because the result of the indoor photos was this….angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0243Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOSH. angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0244angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0245Holly and Aaron decided to have a First Look, which I absolutely love!  They just looked SO happy to be together!

angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0247angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0246angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0249angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0250angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0248More indoor photos…ah, amazzzzzzing light. LOVE.angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0251And then we made our way over to the Aquarium!angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0252The rain cleared away JUST in time!
angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0253angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0254angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0255angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0256angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0257angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0258angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0259angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0260angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0261angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0262angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0266angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0263angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0264angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0265angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0267angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0268angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0269angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0270angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0272angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0271One of the coolest things about this day that I will NEVER forget- the wedding procession to the venue!  They basically threw their own parade! What?!  So stinkin’ cool! Aaron, on trombone, along with Holly’s father (on violin), and other relatives led the guests from the hotel to the aquarium.  The best part about this?  They played the song that was played for Holly’s parents’ wedding many years ago!  The rain held off just in time for them to get to the hotel, and plenty of people stopped to cheer for them along the way!
angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0273angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0274angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0275angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0276After the ceremony, we were able to grab a few photos of Holly and Aaron at the aquarium!angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0277angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0278angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0279angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0280The favors and seating cards were homemade jams. Amazing!  Holly was so sweet and gave Sharron and I some homemade jam- SO GOOD!angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0281angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0283angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0284angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0285angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0286angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0287Aaron AND Holly’s brother are both talented trombone players, so of course they needed to show off and play a bit at the reception!angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0288angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0289angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0290angelina_photography_baltimore_washington_dc_wedding_lifestyle_photographer_0291

Holly and Aaron, thank you so much for letting us be part of your amazing day!! Congratulations!


Hotel: Fairfield Inns and Suites

Venue:  National Aquarium, Baltimore

Hair & Makeup:  Up Dos for I Dos

Catering:  Classic Catering People

Band: Lloyd Dobler Effect

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Lisa & Todd are Getting Married! | Maymont Park | Richmond, Virginia Engagement Photographer

It was the first 70 degree day in months, and I got to spend the gorgeous sunny afternoon walking around Maymont Park in Richmond with these two lovebirds!  Lisa and Todd are getting married in September and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them.  I’ve known Lisa since college, and I was so honored when she asked me to take their wedding pictures.  This was my first time at Maymont Park and I just fell in love with the scenery.  After spending time at the park, we went back to their home to pick up their pups for pictures!  Their three dogs just HAD to be in the pictures, so we brought them down to where Todd proposed to Lisa…the local basketball court.  Considering Lisa was quite the basketball player in college, this was the perfect proposal location!  I’m so looking forward to September, but in the meantime, here are some of my faves from their shoot!


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DIY Anthro-Inspired Chalkboard Globe


Hi all!  I’ve been just dying to share this awesome DIY Anthro-inspired Chalkboard Globe with you all!  My sister, Cara, surprised me with this awesome gift for my birthday, and I just knew I had to share it. I LOVE globes so much (It’s not even like I’m that great at geography), and they seriously can fit into your decor in any room!  In fact, you can make a globe fit into your decor perfectly, just by adding a few personal touches! Cara surprised me with a globe painted in the same color as the walls of my house (Sherwin Williams, Bird’s Egg) and used my favorite accent color- gold!  Love, love, LOVE!  I can’t wait to show this bad boy off!

As a side note, my sister is constantly chasing her very energetic toddler around the house, and the fact that she had time to make this globe is beyond me.   Oh, and also while doing this, she finds the time to blog about being a mom and the fancy projects she thinks up.  She also happens to be the funny/witty Sims sister, so you should definitely check out her blog ASAP!


Here’s what Cara had to say…

Want to learn how to make an anthro-inspired chalkboard and gold leaf globe for yourself? It’s easy peasy. Really.

Here’s what you need:
Chalkboard Paint
Gold Leaf
Metal Leaf Adhesive
Sharpie paint markers


1. Get yourself a globe to paint. Preferably a cheap, inaccurate or old one that you won’t mind defacing. Believe me, it’ll make it a whole lot easier laying down that first brush stroke if your globe still has a USSR on it.

2. Using a sharpie paint marker, outline the continents.DIYglobe1

(photo credit: Backwards In Heels Blog)

3. Now, using your chalkboard paint of choice (I used Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint in “Bird’s Egg” blue), start painting the water masses around the outlined continents. It doesn’t have to be perfect here – you will most likely touch up the paint at the end. Then, wait for the chalkboard paint to dry.

2015-02-03_0002(photo credit: Backwards In Heels Blog)

4. Now break out the gold leaf adhesive, and begin painting it on the continents. Do one continent at a time (i.e., learn from my mistakes), because this stuff tends to be drippy, and if you move onto another continent before the adhesive is set, you WILL end up with a drippy, messy, sticky streak across one of your bordering oceans/seas/another continent etc. (Sigh.)

5. Once the gold leaf adhesive has become tacky (around ten minutes), firmly apply the gold leaf sheet to the continent that you just painted. Lift the excess gold leaf, and move on to the next continent.

2015-02-03_0003(photo credit: Backwards In Heels Blog)

6. Now, break out your sharpie paint markers once again, and starting labeling the continents/oceans/countries/whatever floats your boat. (Tip: If you don’t trust your handwriting, sketch it out first with a piece of chalk. It is a chalkboard globe, after all!)

7. Sit back, relax and enjoy the endless compliments you will receive on your new chalkboard globe. Feel free to brag to your good friends that you made it yourself, whilst telling your frenemies that it’s one of those sold-out anthropologie globes that everyone is lusting over. (And bonus! Your frenemies will also think you’re super rich – those things are expensive!)

We’d love to know if you make your own!  Good luck and Happy Thursday!

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A Perfect Spring Weekend


Now that Spring has officially sprung, I can’t help myself from daydreaming about the perfect Spring weekend!  Other than photographing a wedding for a bride and groom or photographing another type of session, there are a few things that I love to check off my “perfect weekend” list before my head hits the pillow on Sunday evening!  It just so happened that this past weekend was just about perfect…no, seriously!  I crossed off so many things on my list, I don’t know what to do with myself- err, other than finishing my taxes, and maybe cleaning the bathrooms (um, no thanks).

Here are a few of the things I LOVE to do on my free weekends (in no specific order)…

1.  Spend time with Jaeson. This sounds a little silly because we obviously see each other every night, but on most weeknights,  we’re both not getting home til pretty late, and by the time we eat & watch a favorite DVR’d tv show, it’s time to go to bed.  Just knowing that we can sleep in and make breakfast in the morning together without rushing, is SO nice.

2.  Hit the Old Town Alexandria Farmer’s Market. YES!  Old Town’s Farmers Market happens to be the oldest consecutively run market in the COUNTRY.  Vendors are there in the sleet and snow even when the crowds are thin.  Now that the weather is finally warm, I’ll try to stop by the market every weekend I can, and I’m normally accompanied by Jaeson, Cara & Allie.  Allie likes to dance on the stage while a local musician plays for all of the kids.  You’ll find me walking around with a big bouquet of flowers in one hand and a delicious Java iced coffee in the other!

(the pictures below are from a California farmer’s market, but they’ll do! Those berries are seriously making my mouth water…)


3.  Hang out with family!  I try to see my awesome niece Allie every week, but during the weekend, I try to spend a little bit more time with her, if possible.  I got to hang out with her (and Cara!) TWICE this weekend.  Brunch, lunch, dancing, and singing.  Can’t go wrong with that!

4.  Hang out with friends!  This is an obvious one, but this weekend I got to see SO MANY of my awesome friends!  I hung out with my friends both Saturday and Sunday.  Score!

5. Brunch.  This is also an obvious one.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t love brunch?  The biggest dilemma to come out of brunch is whether to order pancakes or an omelette.  This weekend, the omelette definitely won.

6. Go for a run!  This weekend’s weather was PERFECT for running.  I have a half marathon in a little less than a month, and I was just waiting for the weather to cooperate, and today, it definitely did!  I’m pretty sure I had a smile on my face during the entire run.  Running along the Potomac never gets old!

7. Prepare for the week ahead.  Starting the week off on a good note is such a relief and timesaver.  Jaeson and I try to prep our meals for the week and do laundry.  This is also when I catch up with emails, blogging, and general business things.  It’s nice to go to bed knowing that I’m a bit ahead of the curve for the week.

That about sums up what a perfect weekend is for me!  What does YOUR perfect weekend entail?:)

Sharron - March 23, 2015 - 11:54 am

What a great way to start spring!:) I love the images!

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