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You might remember Lauren and Eric from their engagement session a couple months ago in the same town that they declared their love for one another just a few weeks ago.  The morning started off perfectly– beautiful cool weather, but as the day continued on, the clouds opened up and it rained and rained.  As I arrived at Lauren’s family’s home, I was greeted with beautiful decorations, and behind the door- enthusiastic family and friends that were so intent on making the day perfect and absolutely remarkable for Lauren.  Bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids happily showed me around the house, and everyone scuttled around excitedly, not even giving the weather a second thought.  The rain didn’t matter, the day was going to be perfect.

Lauren and Eric have grown alongside each other for many years now, and neither of them showed even a hint of nervousness as they got ready and put together the final touches.  What was there to be nervous about?  Absolutely nothing.  They knew long ago that they’d one day walk down the aisle together as husband and wife, and it just so happened that this day was that day.   Here are a few of my faves from their wedding day….





A quick kiss for mom before heading down to see her soon-to-be groom….

2014-10-08_010And the final touches for Eric before seeing his soon-to-be bride….


Since she was a little girl, Lauren had always dreamt of one day walking down the stairs of her family’s home to see her groom…


I love that her dream came true, and she was able to see this happy guy as she walked down.2014-10-08_0122014-10-08_013At this point, the rain was pouring down, so we decided to grab some portraits inside her family’s home as everyone looked on oohing and aahing.:)2014-10-08_0152014-10-08_0162014-10-08_0172014-10-08_0182014-10-08_019

Before leaving for the ceremony, Lauren received many hugs for support.



The crew was awesome and braved the downpours so we could grab some shots!  You can actually see the rain pouring down!  I was lucky enough to have two really awesome limo drivers follow me around with an umbrella for a few shots (thanks, guys!!). 2014-10-08_024

It just so happened that this building provided the perfect light! 2014-10-08_0252014-10-08_0262014-10-08_0272014-10-08_0282014-10-08_0292014-10-08_0302014-10-08_0372014-10-08_0312014-10-08_032

LOVE these two below….


Gah, Lauren you are STUNNING!2014-10-08_0422014-10-08_0432014-10-08_045

We then headed over to the Tavistock Country Club for a few more shots before the reception! We got lucky and had a few minutes of gorgeous cloudy weather before it started to rain again!


…and you seriously cannot go wrong with a few umbrella shots! 😉2014-10-08_0522014-10-08_053

After that, it was definitely time to party!2014-10-08_0542014-10-08_0442014-10-08_0552014-10-08_0562014-10-08_0572014-10-08_0582014-10-08_0592014-10-08_0602014-10-08_0612014-10-08_0622014-10-08_063

 Lauren and Eric, thank you for letting us be part of your beautiful day- it was such a privilege to celebrate with you both!! Also, I cannot forget a huge shout-out to Jaeson for coming along and being my awesome second shooter that day!  I couldn’t have done it without you!:)


Band | LOVE
Dress | Enzoani from Irma’s Bridal
Hair & make up | Kristen Humphries DiLella
Jewelry | Nadri  from Nordstrom
Shoes |  Betsey Johnson
Church | First Presbyterian Church, Haddonfield, NJ
Reception | Tavistock Country Club
Kimonos | JustCottons
Evening clutch |  jemdesign567
Transportation| Bob Harris at First Class Luxury Limousines

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