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Getting Back to Basics

At some point in every photographer’s life, there’s something, someone, or sometime that drew us into the art.  It’s more than just lifting a camera, and hitting a button– it’s about composing the shot and capturing a moment in time.  For me, it began many years ago when I was given my grandfather’s old Nikon, […]

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A New Home

People say “Home is where the heart is,” which I agree with, but they forgot to mention it’s also where the time, blood (hopefully not TOO much!), sweat and tears are too!  Jaeson and I made our first big purchase together and closed on our home at the end of July 2013- right about when […]

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Jessica and Rich are Married! | Founder’s Inn, Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Hello, blog world!  I obviously took quite the break from blogging over the last six months as I became a homeowner AND a wife!  Blogging was unfortunately pushed aside as my crazy world became even crazier, and I found that there was just not enough time in the day to blog!  I was honored to […]

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