Amanda and Brian are Married! | 11.27.2010

After months of waiting, 11.27.2010 finally came- ever since I had met Amanda, I knew that her wedding was going to be special.  When we first met (when she first found out that I was a little crazy, remember?), every time Brian was brought up, a subtle smile would cross her face.  Something as simple as that made it obvious that this individual was head over heels for the guy she was going to marry just a few short months later.  Cara and I met up with Amanda and her two sisters before the wedding and Amanda lightly dabbed her eyes every few minutes as her emotions got the best of her.  It was truly a touching moment.  She was about the marry the man of her dreams.

Amanda’s “something old” was her grandfather’s pocket watch which she kept in her dress.

Brian’s face lit up as soon as he saw Amanda enter through the doors at the end of the aisle.

Cara took over for a little bit while I got some shots of Brian- doesn’t she look so happy?! (Thanks, Cara!)

After taking a few pictures at the church, we went down to Old Town Warrenton…I hadn’t been there in a long time, but it was so great for pictures.

Amanda requested the next shot because her and Brian’s relationship blossomed while sitting and learning more about eachother at Molly’s in Old Town.

Wedding shots at a pub? yes, please!

Helllllo, vintage red truck- where have you been my whole life?!

Work it!

Then it was time for dancing and fun!

Congrats, Amanda and Brian! I had so much fun working with the both of you- you two are such a blast! Have fun at your new home down at the beach (jealous!).:)

Amanda - January 4, 2011 - 4:27 am

I LOVE IT!! =) you are soo awesome!

Amanda - January 4, 2011 - 4:30 am

P.S. I love the four pics of me twirling my train!! I haven’t seen those!

Libby - January 4, 2011 - 1:44 pm

I’m crying all over again. What a beautiful day. What wonderful photographs. Thank you Stephanie for the beautiful work you do. You are an amazing photographer. You see something in people that no one notices and then you photograph it and bring that special something to life.

Lois - January 4, 2011 - 2:32 pm

Beautiful day, beautiful couple, lots of fun!!! Love all the pictures! They really capture Amanda & Brian’s joy.

Sharon - January 4, 2011 - 11:44 pm

Absolutely beautiful! I am so glad to have been there to share it with you both. Love you!

Tara - January 5, 2011 - 5:20 am

Impressive! The wedding was beautiful and these photos do an amazing job of capturing this special day!

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